Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween '06 on Santa Monica Blvd.

So...Chris and dressed ourselves to the nines in authentic looking Victorian-esque, Gothic vampire costumes and marched our behinds on down to a friend's house party off the boulevard. The pre-festivities were then followed by the oh-so-amusing-as-always trek to stare at the oddities in WeHo. Good times. Thought i'd share a few pics!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Steve McQueen!!

So a couple of weeks ago I find myself standing in the kitchen, minding my own business and doing the dishes, when all of a sudden Chris pops in with a kitty in his arms and he says, "Can we keep him? Huh huh?"

Apparently this little cat sprang out of the bushes when my neighbor was out one night calling to her own kitties to come inside. He had a collar but no name tag...and she kept him for a day after looking for 'Missing' signs. BUT...since she already has three cats and doesn't want to be known as that crazy lady with all the cats like in the TLC "Life Lessons" commercials, she had to find him a home. Which is what brought Chris bounding into the kitchen!

Of course one I saw the little guy's face, how could I possibly turn him out on the street? lol He's AWESOME to say the least and has been living with us for just over three weeks now...totally potty trained, very active, extremely into the bathtub (he loves to jump in after someone bathes and then chase his tail...odd one that guy). So...thought i'd include pics of "Stevie" fo you all to see. We officially named him Steve McQueen because he darts about the apartment full speed and he has green eyes like the "Bullet" mustang in the film!!

Monday, July 31, 2006

recent news in the 'fam'

So...not too much new on my end other than that Chris and I just finished up with our plans to go to Hawaii in September. I'd already paid half of the trip so it was just a matter of choosing a date to go before the end of the year (or forfeit the down payment). We are heading to Maui for a weekn in September (which...was a difficult decision considering we really wanted to attend our friend, Kym's, wedding in Germany...just couldn't get the $ together to make that trip...and seeing as HI was already, for the most part, paid for...we went in that direction). We had also planned on flying to Houston the first week of October for Chris's birthday but unfortunately we missed out on the $99 each way tix on Southwest...they're now $160 each way! SOOO...we shall be staying home in an effort to conserve $.

In other sister and her hubby are moving to Ft. Collins this week on account of him getting a new Gov. job there...Amanda just found out that she too got a job at the local high school teaching Geometry and Algebra.

And speaking of jobs...Chris's sister, Anne, found out the same day as MY sister, that she got a job as well! She will be one of the characters on the new and upcoming NBC series, "Friday Night Lights." The series is based loosely on the film of the same name and will be directed by Peter Berg and produced by Brian Grazer. Anne will be playing, Drew, a goody-goody young lady who dates one of the football players! So keep an eye out for her starting in October...Tuesdays on NBC.

Any more news and i'll be sure to post!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

my little trip to NYC and NJ over the 4th...

So just got back from a little week-long jaunt to the east coast...1) to see Katie's last show on Broadway (well, not HER last show...the SHOW's last show!) and 2) to meet up with a friend of Chris's in NJ for the 4th. Thought i'd include a few pics for y'all to see...from top to bottom:
1) Chris and I at the Trump Tower for a cocktail party in his sis's honor
2) A pic I took of the speeches at the end of the final showing of Katie's show (she's in white and to HER right is Chris Sarandon aka. Prince Humperdink for those in the 'know')
3) A freakish shot of birds over the water in Cape May , NJ...something was up with my white balance so stuff came out blue! But it looks cool. ;-)
4) A really funny seagull...had to snap him up lol
5) Me on the 4th of July in my bib at The Lobster House...Cape May, NJ
6) Chris and I on the 4th at a bar down the street from The Lobster House
7) And a shot (and this is for KYM and PAM!!) of the 405 as we flew over returning to LA...note how little traffic! lol Ah...gotta love LA!
Anyway...hope everyone had a great 4th of July and was safe about loss of fingers by using firecrackers!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

this Thursday 6/15 on KCET or your local PBS station...

Hey all...just a heads up that my boyfriend's sister, Katie, will be on TV this Thursday and I encourage all to watch. As i've previously mentioned, she stars on Broadway as Clara in "The Light in the Piazza." PBS is airing the show this week and for nothing else if not to watch Katie your local arts station! Always important to have public access for the arts...

The Lincoln Center's website says the following about the program:

The only live performing arts series on television, Live From Lincoln Center brings the best of Lincoln Center to living rooms throughout America. For more than two decades, this Emmy Award-winning, live public television program has presented world-class performances--from Yo-Yo Ma, Emanuel Ax and Friends to the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis.

NEXT TELECAST - The Light in the Piazza

Winner of 6 TONY Awards, the new musical The Light in the Piazza will be telecast live on PBS from Lincoln Center Theater's Vivian Beaumont Theater on June 15, 2006 at 8pm.

Monday, May 22, 2006

nature's beauty...

Took this on the way to Palm Desert over Easter...thought i'd share. The weather looks the same today but unfortunately, minus the rainbow!! Sure wish it'd clear up seeing as Memorial Day is coming up here in a few days...isn't that the official start of summer? Sheesh.

Friday, May 19, 2006

"The Light in the Piazza"

If you want to see a great Broadway show the next time you're in NYC...go check out "The Light in the Piazza" starring my boyfriend's sis as the lead. Katie got the job RIGHT out of fact, she graduated this past December and has been in the show since October or so. So with that KNOW she's good to be able to STAR in a Broadway show the first time out.

Me in NYC

Was TRYING to post this as my main pic but I seem to be computer illiterate! lol Sooo...y'all get to see a pic of me from January here in BOLD! It was taken after eating the BEST sushi ever, in a cab (the picture was taken in the cab, not the eating of the fishies) on the way to see Chris's sister, Katie, as the Clara in "The light in the Piazza."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Go see "AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH" here's my "do-gooder" move for the week: Go fact RUN to the theater to see..."An Inconvenient Truth" when it comes to a theater near you. It comes out in select theaters in NYC and LA May 24th and then nation-wide thereafter.

I have a few reasons why I want you to go and see the film...

1) I worked on the thing last fall and it was incredibly draining physically and mentally so my blood, sweat and tears are involved here people!! I had the opportunity to operate camera for the fact, WHEN you go and see it...ALL the close-up shots of Al Gore during his presentation on Global Warming (which is basically the whole movie, interjected by various pieces) are MINE! Woo hoo!! Pat on the back here. Never been so proud of my work. Chris and I got to go to the cast and crew screening the other night and I was pleasantly shocked at how well the documentary turned out! My shots are in about %50 plus of the movie which is a pretty big deal for me considering I primarily work in television.

2) You also get to see my name in the credits!! that kind of goes with number one, but it's still exciting to see your name on the big screen...

3) The film...and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART...concerns the environment and what we're doing to it. Global Warming is a REAL and scary thing and we need to be more aware of what we are doing to our planet. We also need to be doing something about it. In fact...after seeing this movie, you'll wonder why the HELL it's not first and foremost on EVERYONE'S mind.

4) The Film arms you with the knowledge of what IS happening and what NEEDS to happen.

5) 5% of the proceeds are going to an organization whose primary concern is the planet and slowing the warming process. The film guarantees a $500k minimum donation to the fund.

6) You get to see a completely different side of Al Gore...not the guy who lost the presidency and not even a man who MIGHT run for the presidency again...but a man who is deeply concerned for the future of this planet. A man who really cares...

Anyway...I think it's an awesome cause and I am VERY proud that I hahad a hand it getting it to the screen for the masses. You can go to the website and check for screenings in your area as well as to pledge to see it, to give back to can even read up on HOW you can contribute in a good way to ensure our planet's good health.

Ok...that's enough...GO SEE "AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH!!"

Thursday, April 20, 2006

an update to appease!!

Ok...since Kym emailed me and took note of how I DON'T update my blog...AND Pamela made a special notation illustrating that I indeed DON'T or pretty much "never" update my blog...this is in honor of them!!

Where do I start...not too much new on my front. Let's see...oh...I just got myself onto (about time since i've been working in this damn industry for oh, 10 years now!). You can look me up by typing in my first and last name. It's a work in progress and i'm still waiting for the shows to start popping up. Kind of cool's like my job has been validated lol. Also, in terms of work...I operated camera on a documentary last year that was entered into Sundance this year and apparently it did pretty well. It's called "An Inconvenient Truth" and covers the topic of global warming. It was a project initiated by Al Gore...the main dude starring in the film and directed by Davis Guggenheim ("Deadwood" amongst others and married to the actress Elisabeth Shue). There is a private crew and cast screening at Paramount in May and we are all really excited about it...let's cross our fingers that it will get an Academy nod under Documentary. Wouldn't THAT be cool...even if I didn't get a statue, i'd at least get a certificate from the Academy! So wish the litte film luck!!

Chris and I are doing absolutely fabulous...he pretty much lives with me without living with me if that makes sense. lol He still has his apartment with a roomie but spends most of his time at my abode. It's been an adjustment seeing as I haven't 'lived' with anyone since Kym and I shared space in Brentwood...and she knows how THAT is!! I take the good with the bad...but it's mostly GREAT. We were planning a trip to Maui in October but have recently nixed the idea in order to save money to pay bills and to possibly purchase a home to flip and turn a profit. Still in need...desperate need...of a vacation however!! We ARE heading to Houston, TX the first weekend in June for one of his cousin's weddings, so for now, that will have to do. Perhaps if we can muster the funds we'll still go somewhere later in the year.

Just spent Easter in the desert with the fam...Chris and I dyed eggs, went to church ( heard me...I went to church!) and then ate a french brunch with mom and grandma. Traffic was a nightmare...5 hours there from LA...but not so bad for the return trip...the usual 2 or so. Thankfully the spectacular 85 and 90 degrees made it all worth the first tan lines of the season!! Woo woo.

Anyhoo...I shall most definitely try to keep you all abreast of my goings on more frequently...bear with me!!!

Hope all's well with everyone and that you are enjoying what's left of your April!!~~C